Astea Conference: Technology & Beyond

We are really happy to announce that Astea Solutions’ most anticipated event – the fifth edition of Astea Conference will be held in October 2020. And this time our annual technology conference comes in a re-invented, online format!


1. The theme

2. The event

3. The audience

4. The speakers

The theme

Thе Astea Conference theme this year is Technology and Beyond. Here at Astea Solutions we have always been fascinated by the merging boundaries in the wide spectrum of software development: it all starts with Analysis, then come Design and Implementation, and finally there is Testing and Maintenance. No wonder that behind every great software product there is a great multifaceted team responsible for the project development, management and communication. So come and join us on our journey beyond technology where we’ll dive together in the different areas of software projects in order to explore new ideas and share best practices.

The event

For the first time, the conference will be held online in 4 evening sessions of 90 minutes (18:30 – 20:00 EET) from 6 through 9 October. In the ever-changing landscape of 2020 we realized that there is a lot of potential in online events and that we really want to try this new (for us at least) format. Moreover, the shift to an online edition will allow us to organize a valuable event that is accessible, comfortable and enjoyable for all participants. The speakers will have full control over the presentations’ quality as we’ll broadcast the lectures from a preset location using reliable audio and video equipment. And the audience will have the opportunity to participate in virtual games and networking.

The audience

The Astea Conference is a perfect opportunity to get together with fellow IT professionals from different industries ranging from education and entrepreneurship to robotics and space programs. In 2020 we’re expecting more than 300 attendees that are passionate about programming languages, machine learning, UI / UX design, mobile testing, business analysis and project management.

In previous editions more than 40 professionals talked about new technologies, personal stories and good practices in software development. Dr. Preslav Nakov, one of the leading Bulgarian computer scientists, Ivaylo Strandjev from HyperScience and Dimo Chotrov from Technical University / Sofia Tech Park are only few of the speakers in last year’s edition of the conference. You’ll also have the chance to listen to our accomplished colleagues from the Astea team talk about their personal experience in IT.

The speakers

Finally, we’ll be more than happy if you decide to participate in the conference not only as an attendee but also as a speaker in one of the following areas:

  • • Programming and architecture
  • • UX/UI design
  • • Manual and automated testing
  • • Methodologies and development processes
  • • Business analysis and specifications

You can apply by 31 July with a short bio and a presentation description. One of the main criteria for the topic is to be based on your personal experience – we’d love to hear your daily inspirations in IT, or best practices learned the hard way.

The registration will open after the announcement of the first speakers. Stay tuned for more updates on or by joining our event on Facebook.

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