How we brought life to our office TVs

We wanted to give life to our office TVs and instead of looking for a digital signage product on the market, we developed our own. It all started during the last internal hackathon, where the focus was office automation. We looked around us and our everyday needs at the Astea’s workspace.. And then we noticed the office TV. Hanging on the wall. Alone. From time to time it was honored to show presentation or video that has been casted on it. But that was all.

As in each company out there, we have our own internal issues that need to be solved. Astea is growing quite fast. Getting new projects, new team members, new customers and partners, even new workspace. Even though @Astea Slack is the most used communication tool, many internal news and events often were unnoticed. We needed to use both Slack and email to make sure everyone is up to date. The new colleagues who were joining Astea often needed quite a time to get to know the rest of the team..

Most probably all this sounds familiar to everyone who works in the software development industry.

Then you should not be surprised that we developed our own digital signage tool – TeamHub leveraging each & every’s member opinion and reaction. We integrated it with our own HR system. Then we added Slack and Facebook. And all started changing.

What changed for us since we started using TeamHub:

  • People feel better informed about everything that is going on in the company.
  • Often conversations started online, are being extended offline.
  • New colleagues get to know more about the office culture and their team mates much easier and faster.
  • Each teammate makes it to the big screen by posting important or engaging content.
  • Everyone is involved. Everyone is appreciated.
  • The office TV is now alive. All the time.


We were so excited about it, that we submitted it to the Slack App Directory to share it with every Slack team that wants to give life to their office TVs as well.

Add TeamHub to your Slack and let us know what you think!