Being an HR manager during a pandemic – Vanya Georgieva from Astea Solutions for

April 2021

“Vanya: Our individual approach to the well-being of our employees enables us to be good professionals.”

In this interview for, our HR manager Vanya Georgieva talks about the challenges we faced as a company during the past year.

Our employees’ and partners’ safety is our top priority and we switched to remote work without unnecessary formalities. For the first time our company initiatives – the Astea Conference and the Astea internship program, were held entirely online. This was a new experience for each of us, but finding individual and adaptable solutions is in our DNA.

The situation also brought a lot of changes to the HR processes and we had to find new ways to stay connected.

“Vanya: Keeping our regular meetings and reinventing them in a virtual format taught us that we can be together even from a distance.”

We tried fun thematic workshops and we competed in virtual tournaments. We also read our favorite books together and we celebrated our personal and business milestones online. In the article you will find out more about the changes in the work process and how we keep the astean rhythm.