From interns to Junior Software Engineers

Nikola and Dragomir joined Astea Solutions’s team after а successful completion of the summer internship program. We asked them a few questions to find out more about the people who chose to work in Astea and their experience getting to know the company.

Nikola Georgiev

Nikola Georgiev, Software Engineer
My name is Nikola, I’m 23, from Burgas. Four years ago I decided to follow one of my dreams – to develop things. And because the computer had been a part of my family even before I was born and I was raised in an environment where I was surrounded by conversations about software, hardware, programming and many other computer-related topics I decided that this is the realm in which I want to develop in, and I applied for a course in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics in Sofia. As a conclusion to all of this, I’m now a graduated bachelor in Computer Sciences.
I’m a passionate cyclist, though now the winter is coming and I’ll have to put down my enthusiasm, at least until the spring comes. I also have other hobbies, apart from programming and I have tried many different activities. When I start something I love to bring it to an end and do it well, for which I usually pay with many sleepless nights. But I started bragging too much, so I’ll stop talking about myself now.

What brought you here as our intern?
There are lots of things that brought me here – the technologies you use, the projects you do, but the main thing that attracted me were the Asteans. While I was at university I had the chance to meet, work with and learn from Astea employees and I can easily say that their knowledge, abilities, and energy were a key factor when choosing a workplace. I don’t like to flatter too much, but it’s a fact that some of these people have a great impact on my personal and professional development.

What was your involvement in the project and how does it felt?
I took part in developing almost every part of the application – from database configuration, through api implementation and socket communication to interface design.
Given that I had worked too little with these technologies until now, the project appeared to be very challenging, but gradually things got calmer and the pieces started to fit. Eventually, I can say that I really like what we accomplished.

Did Astea surprise you with something?
With lots of things. From the overall experience in the office to the people I met here. I may become a bit annoying with all this talk about the Astea employees but I think that the environment a person works in is really important. Аnd for those three months that I spend here, I really enjoyed the friendliness I felt. And I want to thank all the people that were involved!

Now what?
Now, along with my colleagues from the internship program, we are still working on the app that we developed. For how long – I don’t know. And then what? I’m not sure also but as one Bulgarian athlete likes to say – “We keep going!”

Dragomir Proychev

Dragomir Proychev, Software Engineer
Hello! My name is Dragomir and until recently I was a part of Astea’s internship program. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and programming has slowly turned into a passion of mine over the last couple of years. Other than that, I love traveling, sports, and video games.

What brought you here as our intern?
I have been looking for an opportunity to continue my professional development for a while now and have heard almost exclusively nothing but praise for the company, I had to give Astea a shot. Having spent more than three months here, I can say with confidence that I do not regret my decision.

What was your involvement in the project and how it felt?
The project we had to build with the other interns at Astea involved a mix of modern frameworks and technologies. The challenges we had to overcome along the way helped us learn to work as a team and find solutions to difficult and unfamiliar problems. At the end of the journey, I feel like it has been an extremely beneficial experience for me.

Did Astea surprise you with something?
What surprised me the most about Astea was the family-like environment at the company. During my time here, I have never been denied a helping hand whenever I needed one.

Now what?
I hope that the best is yet to come and that I can spend much more time at Astea, making great memories, continuing my personal growth and helping the company thrive as well.

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