The case

Astea is developing DRVN on behalf of DRVN, LLC of Columbus, Ohio.

Most states require parents to supervise their teen’s driving practice for 50 hours during the temporary license period. While parents have access to many resources intended to help them, many, they require a parent to plan ahead for sessions. DRVN is the only app that supports parents during the parent supervised experience with an easily accessible guide for teaching. No need to plan ahead, just get in the car with your teen and drive.

The product

DRVN is a supplement to the in-class driver’s education course and the behind-the-wheel time a prospective driver should get with a certified driving instructor during the learner’s permit stage. The app gives parent the tools with which to become better coaches during the time they spend guiding their teens towards driving proficiency and ultimately receiving their licenses.  

The app tracks time, helps parents structure driving sessions, and strengthens understanding through skill checks with theirs teens.

DRVN offers:

  • A Guided & Structured Driving Plan
  • A Diverse Range of Skills & Environments
  • Progress Tracking & Feedback


DRVN is available in the App Store for iOS device, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod-touch.


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