Full Impact Technologies

The case

Full Impact Technologies® (FIT) is a one-stop web portal solution that provides state-of-art management of vehicle repair facilities in the United States that are part of the RPN (Repair Plan Network®) ecosystem.

FIT is being developed by Astea on behalf of Repair Plan Network of Denver, Colorado.

The product

FIT gives car repair shop managers the opportunity to visualize and analyze real-time data reagrding the workflows behind repair orders, employee payrolls, insurance proceedings, and more in interactive, tailor-made infographics. Its main modules include:

  • Dashboard — a bird’s-eye view of the processes in a repair facility that is modular and customizable
  • Peer to Peer — comparison statistics based on industry standard indicators between repair facilities
  • Reports — sophisticated customizable reports about activities in a repair facility
  • Defect Monitor — process management of user-reported defects on repairs

FIT offers a comprehensive administration module that allows data sources to be flexibly mapped to desired outputs for its infographics, an extensive user role hierarchy, time clock management for employees, and various other tools. It uses modern data transformation and data aggregation methods to allow diverse data providers to contribute to a single unified management platform.


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