Invoice Approval System

The case

Astea developed the initial version of a system for the analysis and management of invoice documents on behalf of one of the largest agricultural producers in Australia.

The client receives thousands of incoming invoices typically in the form of PDF documents. A smart, modern, intuitive system which extracts data automatically and supports the business workflow would provide for a significant productivity boost, error reductions, and detection of various types of issues.

To achieve this the system automates the process of extracting data from incoming invoices and performs automated analysis of the data. A workflow tailored to the corporate process is also an essential component of the system.

The product

The product consists of a web-based document management system for the input, storage, organisation, tracking, analysis, and overall management of incoming invoices. In addition to that, two complementary mobile applications for iOS and Android allow for quick and easy review and approval of invoices.


The product is in closed alpha and under development by our client.


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