Learning Ally Link

The case

Astea developed Learning Ally Link on behalf of Learning Ally of Princeton, New Jersey, a  national non-profit dedicated to helping students with print disabilities, including blindness, visual impairment, and dyslexia.

The product

Learning Ally Link is a playbook solution that provides access to the Learning Ally library of human-read audiobooks. Learning Ally creates human-narrated audio textbooks, literature, and education solutions for students with print and learning disabilities. Audiobooks are accessible on computers, Chromebooks, smartphones, and tablets, and help students access grade-level content and improve comprehension.

Now students have interactive learning tools geared to help them succeed including: highlighted text synced with the audio narration, speed control, bookmarking, highlighting, and note taking.


Astea helped Learning Ally create Link for Chromebooks for iOS and Android devices – the playback solution that has significantly expanded the number of students able to succeed with audiobooks.

The applications are being used by thousands of students with learning disabilities.


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