The case

LiveList is the ultimate guide to discovering live streamed music experiences. Astea developed LiveList on behalf of Livehouse Media, Inc, Venice, CA.

The product

With access to tens of thousands of live music shows, aggregated from platforms all across the web (e.g. YouTube, Live Nation, Yahoo Screen, StageIt, and others), LiveList fans are able to add upcoming events they want to see to their personalized feed. Notifications are sent any time a show on their list goes live. Users can also follow artists they like, or even “import” their music tastes from Spotify and then get recommended upcoming shows automatically added to their LiveList.


Astea developed LiveList iOS and Android applications, as well as the web platform on behalf of the Livehouse Media, Inc.
Livelist has streamed some of the largest music festivals in the world: Coachella, South by Southwest, Califronia Roots. From classical through jazz and electronic to rock, Livelist has helped thousands of artists reach their fans online.


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