Livemargin Reader

The case

This is one of Astea’s proprietary products designed and built in-house from scratch. The project was implemented over a period of three months in late  2012 during which time the team experimented with the release of three public beta versions of Livemargin Reader. By mid 2013 there were three client applications built on top of the web application – versions for Chrome, Android, and Windows.

The product

Livemargin Reader emerged from the idea that at the time there were no multi-platform ePub readers offering decent performance. The Livemargin Reader is a cross platform online and offline EPUB reader that allows users to synchronize settings and reading progress across desktop, laptop, and mobile reading devices.


Livemargin Reader‘scurrently supported platforms include Google Chrome, Google Chrome OS, Android OS, Windows 8, and Windows RT.

The Livemargin Reader is part of SocialBook’s publishing and reading ecosystem and will eventually evolve into SocialBook’s multi-platform, offline, social reading component.


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