The case

Astea co-developed Morphic, a Windows application for configuring system usability settings on behalf of Raising the Floor, an organization that provides one-size-fits-one digital inclusion solutions.

The product

Morphic is an application that integrates seamlessly with the interface of the operating system and allows the user to easily discover and adjust settings that are often hidden away — such as high contrast themes, magnification, or language. Once the user has the settings the way they want, they can be saved in Morphic’s secure cloud vault. Then they can be instantly applied on any computer with Morphic installed. When the user signs out, the computer reverts to its standard settings.

Astea helped develop various components of the product, including the Morphic QuickStrip — a bar exposing some of the most popular accessibility settings and controls that help make the computer easier to use.


Morphic is currently piloting at selected public libraries, job centers, and community colleges.


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