The case

Astea is developing PLOTAVERSE on behalf of PLOTAGRAPH, Inc.

The product

PLOTAVERSE is a social platform providing a stage for artists and photographers to showcase their work, including auto-looping and auto-playing Plotagraphs, across all devices. sers are invited to install a free version of the Plotagraph software and are incentivized to unlock features found in the Pro version of their software by gaining followers. PLOTAVERSE is the first social platform dedicated exclusively to animated, GIF-like photos and supports auto-playing and auto-looping of  the animated stills on any screen..

Users can share and exhibit their work, create a portfolio and share Stories, which are accessible at all times, unlike many similar social platforms that preserve user-generated content only up to 24 hours. Stories are auto-edited, with an automatic fade effect placed between two animated photos to ensure a smooth transition Animated images can also be shared from PLOTAVERSE to other social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.


Beta version of PLOTAVERSE, was launched on June 1st.


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