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Astea employs only the best and the brightest. Our rigorously selected, highly qualified team includes medalists from international informatics and mathematics Olympiads. It also includes researchers doing groundbreaking work in fields related to Information Technologies.

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We excel in developing bespoke software solutions that redefine industry standards and empower businesses.

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With more than 18 years of year-to-year growth since inception, Astea has always been at the forefront of the IT sector, consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Astea Solutions AD was formed to leverage its founders' strong relationship with Sofia University's Faculty for Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) with access to exceptionally trained and talented software developers working with the most advanced technologies. Bulgaria is today globally recognized as a premiere source of highly qualified technical talent.


In 2016, Astea Solutions embarked on a transformative journey with the inception of the Astea Conference, initially conceived as an internal event. For seven years, the conference served as a beacon of knowledge and expertise exchange within the realm of software development. With a continuous commitment to fostering learning and innovation, the event encapsulated the collective aspirations of human intellect to continually evolve and grow. As the years unfolded, the conference evolved into Astea Deep Dives, symbolizing a deeper immersion into the intricacies of technology and the boundless possibilities it presents.


In 2018, Astea Solutions unveiled Astea Ventures, starting a new era of innovation and growth within the company. Astea Ventures emerged as the strategic investment powerhouse driving forward-thinking initiatives. With a multifaceted approach, Astea Ventures took diverse paths, including the development of proprietary products, investment in seed to growth stage venture funds, and strategic partnerships with startup clients. This holistic investment focus not only aimed at unleashing groundbreaking ideas but also provided essential support beyond funding, encompassing strategic guidance, mentorship, and vital resources to foster startup success.


In 2021, Astea One was introduced - a pioneering initiative designed to revolutionize client service and expand technological capabilities. As a meticulously curated network of development and technology partners, Astea One emerged to meet the evolving needs of clients with unparalleled agility and efficiency. By leveraging this extensive network, Astea Solutions empowered clients with the flexibility to seamlessly augment their teams at short notice, ensuring swift responsiveness to dynamic project demands. With a focus on delivering an expanded range of services, Astea One exemplified the company's unwavering commitment to providing tailored solutions and meeting clients' growing needs in real-time, thus cementing its position as a trusted leader in the software development industry.


Astea Solutions is a high growth software development company that develops a wide range of software products for smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices. From mobile apps to Al-powered recommender systems, we have done it all — reading and authoring multimedia content, video and audio streaming, data visualization, and machine learning. Our clients and partners include Fortune 500 companies such as Barnes & Noble and Morgan Stanley, and innovative startups like LiveList and Stageit. Some of our proprietary, internally developed products include Socialbook, LiveMargin Reader, and Sophie. Although we are active in numerous fields, ranging from financial services to healthcare, we are especially proud of our work in K-12 and Higher Ed, and our collaboration with Sofia University and other European and US academic institutions. Our products are being used by students, book enthusiasts, music lovers, and content creators, including performers worldwide.


A network of rigorously vetted development and technology partners.

Astea Ventures invests in the development of proprietary products, in early and growth stage venture funds, and occasionally in some of our clients.

Our annual tech event through where we share global experts’ knowledge and experience in software development and related areas of interest.

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