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Astea hosts an intensive four-month paid internship program for the positions of Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, and QA Engineer. It ranges typically from eight to 15 interns depending on the positions covered by the given program. Each intern signs a contract with Astea for the duration of the program. Upon successful completion, permanent employment with the company may be offered.

Please follow this page or our social media accounts for details about the start date and available positions for the upcoming summer 2024 internship program, or subscribe to receive information when the internship campaign begins.

Our internship program is organized as a team-oriented endeavor offering:

An introduction to the languages, tools, and technologies used at Astea

Individual exercises after each lecture to practice and master what you have learned

A group project tackling a cool challenge alongside your cohorts from other areas, thereby simulating a real life working environment involving multiple roles and specialties

how & when

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Intern Software Engineer

10-28 June
17 June – 5 July
15 June

Application with CV

10-28 June

Tasks and interview with selected candidates

17 June – 5 July

Start of internship program

15 June


Historically, over 70% of interns have received job offers from Astea on successful completion of our internship program and have chosen to join us.

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Ready to kick-start your career? Explore our internship opportunities and pave the way for your future success.

Software Engineer

A strong knowledge of key programming concepts such as object oriented programming, algorithms and data structures is a must. We recommend that applicants have studied at least one academic year in the field of computer science, mathematics, or a related discipline.

Devops Engineer

Experience with Linux and its terminal and main commands is a must. Basic knowledge in computer networks is expected (for example, IP addressing and subnetting, masks, DNS configuration). Candidates must be willing to learn new things and grow as DevOps engineers.

QA Engineer

A strong knowledge of the main types of testing, QA practices and processes is a must. Candidates must be willing to dive deep into the field of end-to-end automation testing. Familiarity with implementation of end-to-end tests is a plus, but is not mandatory.

why you should choose our internship

what we are about

We have years of experience in healthcare and telemedicine, in fintech and risk assessment, in educational software, interactive simulations, e-commerce, and social platforms. We distribute multimedia content. And we are experts in AI, data science, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

Technologies we use

Ruby on Rails / Node.js / .NET / Django

React / Angular

Cross-platform (Electron, React native) / iOS / Android

Kubernetes / Docker / Terraform / AWS / Azure

WebDriver.IO / Selenium / Appium

and many more …

Ayshe Dzhindzhi

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If you are interested in our internship program, we are here for you.