Astea sponsors HackFmi 4.0

November 2014 — Once again Astea was a sponsor of the fourth semi-annual hackathon HackFMI, held traditionally in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University! This edition was more massive than ever — over 250 competitors in 55 teams hacked code day and night for a whole weekend and took their best shot in bringing their project ideas to life.

Speaking of projects, the reason HackFMI 4.0 was so exciting for everybody involved was its one and only rule — create a whole game from scratch! Since gaming and game development are by far the primary attraction for many children into the world of programming, our competitors could finally make those wishes come true. We were overwhelmed by an astounding wave of bold game ideas that were excellently thought through and rapidly materialized into exciting game prototypes thanks to the professional skills and passion of the teams.

And, naturally, every contest has its winners. After a careful consideration, we decided to give Astea’s special award to team “Nameless”. They created a civic hacking gamified platform for managing those irritating little things and pet peeves in our surrounding environment — for example, fixing something broken, small paint jobs, cleaning the neighborhood playground, etc. Everyone can experience a fresh bite of altruism in the form of a quest game with roleplaying elements and awards. We wish “Nameless” to keep up their good work and we hope to see their project gain a lot of popularity and attention.