CourseKicker is released

May 2014 — CourseKicker is a lesson discovery and sharing site for teachers. It allows teachers to:

  • Easily and quickly find the best possible lesson plan for any subject
  • Find videos and other materials to enhance a lesson
  • Connect with other innovative teachers teaching the same subjects
  • Share lessons and ideas for enhancing the classroom experience
  • Follow how other teachers are teaching the same subject

CourseKicker’s simple yet modern interface allows for quick lesson planning and organization, easy interaction with other users, and rapid sharing. Lessons can be uploaded directly from the user’s computer or pasted in as links. Once uploaded, lessons are available live on the CourseKicker website where they can be reviewed, rated, and commented on by the members of the community.

The site has a useful filtering panel, as well as a built-in search engine, which makes the lesson search fast and effective. In addition to that, all lessons can be sorted by popularity or upload date. Each lesson has a descriptive preview with screenshots and information about the subjects and the topics covered by the lesson. Lessons can be shared via most popular social networks.