From interns to Junior QA Engineers

Today, Svilen and Nikolai are junior QA engineers at Astea Solutions, but a few months ago they did not know almost anything about the company. That fact makes our goal to find out more about their journey throughout the internship program even more exciting.
Read more to find out what they had to say and what Astea surprised them with. Read more…

From interns to Junior System Administrators

Sylvia and Georgi joined Astea Solutions’s team as System administrators after a successful completion of our summer internship program. We asked them a few questions about their experience getting to know the company.
Find out more about their choice to join Astea. Read more…

From interns to Junior Software Engineers

Nikola and Dragomir joined Astea Solutions’s team after а successful completion of the summer internship program. We asked them a few questions to find out more about the people who chose to work in Astea and their experience getting to know the company. Read more…

All about the Astea’s Internship Program

It’s official – for a 3rd year in a row, Astea Solutions organized summer internship program for developers, QAs and System administrators.
And here it is what we learned so far.

We sat together with Nikolay Manolov, Lead Software Engineer in Astea, who is leading the internship program since the first edition 3 years ago, and ask him to tell us more about the program and his experience mentoring the internship team. Read more…

Astea sponsors Hack 30xTUES

March 2018 – Astea Solutions supported the largest high school hackathon in Bulgaria once again – for the fourth time in a row. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Technology School “Electronic Systems”, this edition named Hack 30xTUES had about 200 participants in 45 teams. The topics of “Business, School, University” and “Digital past” inspired varied projects ranging from video games to machine learning applications based on neural networks. A multi-day event packed with energy and innovation, the hackathon brought closer the school, university, and business to collaborate on a better digital future together.

Astea Conference goes public

February 2018 – We are super excited and happy to announce the big news: starting this year Astea Conference will be a public event!

The theme is Revolutions in all its variety: revolutionary technologies, products that have changed your work, mini-revolutions from daily office life, and personal stories of good practices learned the hard way. Read more…

Plotaverse app is now available for Android

February 2018 – The Plotaverse mobile app globally hit the App Store and Google Play on February 14 and is free to download, offering in-app purchases. Its iOS app predecessor, Plotagraph+, was photo app of the year 2017, thanks to 1.6 million eager users, and had the 2018 Grammys buzzing with animated celeb shots on Instagram.

Android users have been patiently awaiting the release of Plotaverse. Their requests were taken to heart by the founders, who are renowned for their passion to help artists monetize their work. They decided to reward their Android patrons with an extensive Plotaverse “PRO” version. The free “PRO” download will be available the in the Google Play store from February 14 through February 28.

To find out how to download Plotaverse for free for Android and iOS, visit Google Play and the App Store.

How we brought life to our office TVs

We wanted to give life to our office TVs and instead of looking for a digital signage product on the market, we developed our own. It all started during the last internal hackathon, where the focus was office automation. We looked around us and our everyday needs at the Astea’s workspace.. And then we noticed the office TV. Hanging on the wall. Alone. From time to time it was honored to show presentation or video that has been casted on it. But that was all. Read more…