What do we do?

We build bespoke software.
We bring over ten years of development experience and expertise to the table.

How do we do it?

We offer full cycle software development that can begin with a back-of-a-napkin idea and end with a released commercial product. Astea will be your partner throughout all phases of development: from requirements gathering and analysis to system architecture and software design to programming and system validation.

Customer Support and Maintenance

Whatever happens, whenever it happens, our Support Engineers will be on call to immediately address and solve an issue.

Quality Assurance

Ensure that you are working with great software from the get-go. This is our Quality Assurance Engineers’ commitment.


Astea provides full-stack software development. We are technology agnostic. Fundamental to what we do is our belief that the selection of a technology should be based on its ability to meet a project’s requirements, not the other way around.


Intuitive design and an enjoyable user experience are musts for any product’s success. We believe that the key to superlative experience design is not only bringing real value to your users but making them love you product.

Business Analysis

It all starts with understanding your business and your users’ needs, identifying the challenges, and turning them into opportunities, because the only successful products are those that solve real problems.


These are just some of the companies that have entrusted us with building key components of their businesses.
  • Amplify
  • barnes and noble
  • Context_Digital
  • courseKicker
  • Educational Testing Service
  • FlatWorld_Logo
  • hachette book group
  • intellogo
  • learning ally
  • MorganStanley
  • Nationwide
  • NewCorp
  • plotagraph
  • pollyportfolio
  • Qello Concerts
  • scotts miracle gro
  • zinio

The Asteans

We are named after the Astae, Thrace’s most ancient and powerful tribe. With offices in Sofia and NYC, Astea develops a broad range of software products for smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices
OVER 120 PROJECTS successfully completed
160 experts in data science and artificial intelligence, project management, software development, UI and experience design, and more
140 Engineers
31% of us are involved in education as professors and teachers
531 years is the total time we have dedicated to our clients
4,311 years is the combined age of all Asteans

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