Amplify Science

the case

Astea developed a series of web-based tools and simulations for an elementary and high school level educational platform designed by Amplify of New York City.

Тhe product

The tools and simulations were designed to be used by students and teachers in the classroom with the intent of making lessons and exercises more interactive and fun.

The applications cover the entire learning and teaching lifecycle and are divided into several categories:

Simulations: each simulation represents a specific lesson and displays in an interactive way an important natural process such as the movement of the stars across the sky or the propagation of sound waves in the air.

Modeling tools: a set of tools for modeling certain scientific scenarios based on simulations.These modeling tools support the exercises included at the end of each lesson.  They include an authoring section that allows teachers to design various modeling tools for students.

Data tools: a set of tools for adding and analyzing data designed with younger students in mid. This component also includes an authoring section for teachers to design various exercises for students.

Engineering Internships: each of these internships focuses on a specific problem and places it into a real-life scenario in order to make its resolution more interesting and relevant for the student.

Тhe results

A number of simulations, modeling and data tools, and engineering internships have been created for students in elementary and middle school grades. They cover many subjects in fields of study as diverse as biology, geology, physics,  and astronomy, among others.

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