Connecteme Web Viewer

the case

The Connecteme Web Viewer is a powerful web-based, spatial data visualization tool that allows navigation through a large hierarchical network of nodes, each representing an entity within one or more hierarchies (such as, for example, a given company within a specific sector).

Astea developed Connecteme Web Viewer in collaboration with  Digital Image Design Incorporated (didi) of New York City for the international investment bank, Morgan Stanley.

Тhe product

The application’s focus is to visually present vast amounts of highly complex organizational data to high- and mid-level managers in a way that is intuitive, suggestive, and informative, and as an aid to their decision making processes.

Тhe results

With the Connecteme Web Viewer, managers can: easily track and follow links, dependencies, and relationships between nodes; filter objects with similar features; or, quickly view basic information about each one. The sophisticated filtering functionality makes it exceptionally easy to locate and highlight the desired entity, group of entities, or links.

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