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Compared to other industries, healthcare is notoriously impervious to digitization. Government regulations and heavy administrative procedures make it difficult to exchange, organize, and analyze health data even when this would benefit the patient’s well-being. Involving a relative or guardian in the treatment of chronic diseases can be extremely beneficial but it is also tedious and requires a lot of dedication and effort from all parties.

Astea brings its technological expertise accumulated during many years of software development in various domains and combines it with its significant exposure to the healthcare industry to develop software solutions that help bring healthcare to the digital era.

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Careverse is an umbrella project initiated by Astea to house our healthcare initiatives. Its main goal is to bring together the three main parties involved in the treatment of any disease – the patient, the doctors, and the patient’s relatives. Careverse facilitates the collection, organization, visualization, and exchange of health data including the patient’s vitals, mood, lab results, medication intake, etc. Carefully designed workflows, specific to each type of disease, and the use of appropriate cutting-edge technologies make everyone’s role in the treatment process more manageable.

CareCardio is the pilot product in Careverse, the first of many. It is distributed as an Android/iOS app. As its name suggests, it is aimed at cardiovascular disease patients. CareCardio utilizes AI (Speech-To-Text) models to make it easier for patients to log their blood pressure and heart rate readings. It also allows patients to take pictures and keep a log of their Electrocardiograms (ECGs). Our proprietary image processing algorithm (publication pending) enhances the ECG images to make them easier to read by physicians and easier to digitally analyze. CareCardio’s export feature allows patients to seamlessly share their health logs with doctors or relatives.

The simplicity of CareCardio shows how the right choice of technologies can improve the quality of life of chronic disease patients. In addition to a fully usable mobile application, it is also a case study that our team uses to deepen its research in this domain, develop relationships with prominent medical experts, and gain a deeper understanding of the market needs.

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We releаsed a live system that patients use daily to collect, organize and share their data. Carecardio will be enhanced with new features and capabilities to meet patients’, doctors’, and relatives’ needs.

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