the case

Astea developed Data-in-One, a merchandise inventory reporting and production management system that supports automatic data exchange and aggregation with third party systems (e.g., Shopify). Data-in-one was piloted at Cap That, a Los Angeles based company that brings to life the ideas of artists, athletes and celebrities in the form of various types of merchandise and offers them to customers.

Тhe product

Data-in-One is a cloud platform that manages all workflows from the design of merchandise to its manufacture, distribution, sale, and delivery. It integrates with Shopify and aggregating sales data from multiple Shopify stores. It builds on top of Shopify’s reporting capabilities by adding the option to collect and analyze data from multiple stores in a single view and to keep track of inventory across stores, protect against overselling, forecast demand, and fine tune production volumes.
Data-in-One is a multi tenant platforms which provides the ability to manage the access of organisational members to stores data. Users can be provided with permissions to specific stores.

Тhe results

The application is available in the Shopify App Store, and it is being positively accepted by the Shopify store owners, especially those who are managing multiple store and are constantly looking for a business intelligence tools that can provide insight into all shops in one place with easy to understand charts and table data.

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