The Annuity Lab

The case

Astea is developing the The Annuity Lab in collaboration with Context Digital of Columbus, Ohio on behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

The product

The Annuity Lab is a web and mobile application that provides tools for the  comparison of Living Benefit riders and Fixed Index Annuities.

The Living Benefit Comparison tool’s built-in formula easily calculates the annual income you can expect from each rider based on the initial premium that you are prepared to provide. Additionally, it shows a visual comparison of the riders and indicates which rider has the potential to provide the most income in retirement. The calculator also displays the rate-of-return required by riders with the lowest annual income levels in order to outperform riders with the highest potential income levels.

The Index Comparison Calculator lets users compare average annual credit rates and growth based on the application of a specific cap rate to historical performance of two indexes of their choice.


Astea has developed several tools within the Annuity Lab Toolkit and is constantly adding more features to each tool.


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