Perfectly Clear

The case

On behalf of Athentech Imaging Inc. of Calgary, Canada, and in close collaboration with its internal development team, Astea is creating Version 3 of the Perfectly Clear application suite.

The product

Perfectly Clear is a suite of applications for intelligent image correction. It is backed by algorithms that mimic the way the human eye works, which Athentech has been developing over the last few decades.

With several standalone applications and plugins for major photo-editing software, Perfeclty Clear has the right tools for everyone — from individual photographers to large labs. What is more, the software is equipped with multiple presets that save a lot of time when batch processing images.


Astea played a major role in the making of Perfectly Clear Version 3.5 (released in October 2017) by developing features like crop, visual presets, undo/redo, and navigation improvements, and adding the QuickDesk application to the suite. The new release received great praise from the suite’s users.


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