Risk Analysis and Result Aggregation System

the case

On behalf of a leading global risk and reinsurance organization, Astea is creating a system to aggregate and analyze risk and produce reports that provide insights into their (re)insurance portfolio.

Тhe product

The product consists of a web-based interface that connects two systems and then automates several simulation runs. The data produced allows for the analysis of risk and its aggregation across the organization. Reports are produced that can give insights into drivers of loss and the premium charged from the organization level down to the individual deal level.

Astea is working on creating the system as well as enhancing several aspects of the process, including the user experience and simulation and reporting performance.

Тhe results

In a very short period of time, the organization has developed a new capability that greatly enhances its understanding of the risk it trades, provides value to its internal and external customers, and increases the opportunity for commercial application of the information.

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