what we have done

From mobile apps to AI-powered recommendation engines, we have done it all: tools for the authoring, reading, and publishing of multimedia content; advanced video and audio streaming technology; complex data visualization solutions; and data science, including predictive analytics and machine learning.


Astea developed the Read and Write components for a pilot version of the Amplify tablet, an Android-based educational platform for K-12 classrooms designed by Amplify of New York City.

Amplify Science

Astea developed a series of web-based tools and simulations for an elementary and high school level educational platform designed by Amplify of New York City.

Connecteme Web Viewer

The Connecteme Web Viewer is a powerful web-based, spatial data visualization tool that allows navigation through a large hierarchical network of nodes, each representing an entity within one or more hierarchies.


Data-in-One is a cloud platform that manages all workflows from the design of merchandise to its manufacture, distribution, sale, and delivery.


DRVN is a supplement to the in-class driver’s education course and the behind-the-wheel time a prospective driver should get with a certified driving instructor during the learner’s permit stage.

FlatWorld Homework system

FlatWorld Homework system is an easy-to-use web-based application which enables instructors to create autogradable homework assignments by selecting from a pool of specifically designed questions.

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